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Aquí les dejo la dirección de un crás. Tiene análisis de:Rock, Cinema, Travel, Politics, Fiction, Jazz, Poetry, Art, Philosophy, Classical music, New music.
Muchas veces uno puede estar en desacuerdo con P. Scaruffi pero la manera en que explica las cosas es muy clara y fundamenta sus conceptos siempre.


A bit of history
Between 1983 and 1985, piero scaruffi created his first e-zine, distributed by e-mail over the Internet. Between 1986 and 1990 he created an online database, downloadable via ftp. That database mutated into his own website in 1995. It became one of the very first websites, and probably the first website ever to carry the name of its owner (for lack of imagination). A few years later, he also created a different website for all his scientific research (Thymos.com). So www.scaruffi.com has existed in one form or another since the 1980s. That accounts for its high ranking with the most popular search engines (it pre-existed them) and for the huge amount of pages that it contains: those pages have been written over a long period of time.

In 2006 the New York Times ran an article about www.scaruffi.com that was titled "The Greatest Web Site Of All Time" (October 15, 2006, Arts & Leisure section page 26).

In 2007 the government of mainland China banned Thymos.com, that was no longer visible by one billion Chinese people.

In 2008 piero scaruffi reunited scaruffi.com and thymos.com into one website
The philosophy of life behind this website
The philosophy is very simple. Today's culture is biased towards business. I discuss culture without paying any attention to money. I am interested in great artists, musicians, writers, etc, regardless of how the business and the establishment perceives them.
What is the main benefit for the reader?
I believe you as a reader may benefit from the fact that I have no business bias. If you read a record review at the big commercial websites, it is always going to be a positive review: they want you to buy the record. I don't care whether you will or will not buy the record. I only care for the significance of the record and to promote great artists (especially when they are not publicized by big business).

"Lo menos frecuente en este mundo es vivir. La mayoría de la gente existe, eso es todo."


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Muy bueno, su lista de las 100 mejores películas pese a estar desactualizada no deja de ser impresionante smile

tengo la esperanza que los "orgánico" pese a sus chasis blandos, sus piezas no intercambiables, sus bugs autodestructivos y sus problemas de comunicación, desarrollen en algún momento inteligencia propia

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En cualquier momento le cae Groucho a criticarle todos los links de jazz (LOL)

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Cin escribió:

En cualquier momento le cae Groucho a criticarle todos los links de jazz (LOL)

Lo dudas??? Va a buscar a Scaruffi hasta el fin del mundo para darle por la cabeza tongue
jaja jodita Grouch...

Se ve que el tipo es un bestia

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De las top 100 más lindas.
Muy buena.

Lo que no es muy lindo es el sitio.



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Ta jodido sí, pero si lees el aclara en about me, creo que dice algo así como:"...y me gustan los colores fuertes, sí"

"Lo menos frecuente en este mundo es vivir. La mayoría de la gente existe, eso es todo."